• Ismailia - Egypt Cortoba Tower - in front of El Mawkaf El Gadid - 4th, 5th floor

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Dr. Osama Al Nahrawy

Chief Excutive Officer of

  • 1. Cortoba eye and lasik ceneter, at Ismailia, Egypt.
  • 2. Ismailia eye hospital, Ismailia, 12 Al Nile Street, Egypt.
  • 3. Port Said eye center, Port Said, 46 Safia Zaghloul street, Egypt.
  • 4. Suez Eye Center, Suez, 2 Sedki street, Egypt.

Sharer founder of Private eye centers in Cairo:

  • 1. Al Hayat Eye center, 17 Mekka Street, Dokki, Giza, Cairo.
  • 2. Egyptian Eye Academy, 17 Beirut Street, Heliopolis, Cairo.

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LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Testimonials

" I was a bit nervous about having LASIK, since I've worn glasses almost my whole life, but Dr.Osama Al Nahrawy and his staff put me at ease right away. The Blade-FREE LASIK experience has been awesome, Ishould have done it sooner!"


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