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Before Lasik

Before Lasik

Before Lasik

In order to decide whether you’re a good candidate for Lasik, your eye doctor will examine your eyes to make sure they are in good health and to determine the kind of vision correction you need.

Your doctor will also look for signs of dry eye (insufficient tears or reduced quality of tears which may need treatment before lasik).

Also, a corneal topography is usually done to “map” your cornea,together with a pachymetry to measure corneal thickness.
With the new wavefront technology associated with custom LASIK, you also are likely to undergo a wavefront analysis to provide an even more precise map of errors affecting your vision.

More sophisticated tests are also available (contrast sensitivity function and ocular response analyzer) depending on doctor’s recommendation, to analyze your eye with great accuracy to assess the fitness of your eye for lasik procedure.

If you are a candidate for Lasik

You need to remove your soft contact lenses at least 1 week before the exam and laser treatment. For hard and gas permeable contact lenses, this period is 3 weeks.

On the day of laser treatment, please do not wear any make-up (eye and face), cream, moisturizer, perfume or after shave lotion.Since the laser room is cold, wear warm comfortable clothes.